Cats: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

lots of cats with hatsCats: most people either love ’em or hate ’em. The haters contend that felines ruin furniture, kill song birds, and consider people their slaves. The lovers argue that cats control rodents, relieve stress, and cover up their own poops.

I find my “spoiled brats in fur suits” brimming with wisdom. Here are some insights I’ve learned from the devilish angels:

  • If you fight with the family cats, you won’t have energy left to ward off enemies.
  • Look for a patch of sunshine and stay there.
  • Naps are cool.
  • Don’t fuss about your food, or the one who feeds you may start buying a cheaper brand.
  • Purring will get you everywhere.
  • Master the “Shocked and Innocent Look” if someone laughs at you. Better yet, stick your nose in the air and saunter away, pretending you don’t care.
  • Naps are fun.
  • Act as if you know what you’re doing even if you don’t have a clue.
  • Convince your humans how blessed they are to live in the same universe with you.
  • Refuse to give up. If one bird escapes, climb another tree.
  • Naps are refreshing.

Solution cartoon cats and mice

Similar to cats, people are a mix of aggravating and endearing qualities. When I’m tempted to dismiss someone as too ornery to tolerate, I remember how God bears with my faults and stupid mistakes. Receiving His unconditional love frees me to love myself and others, focusing on positive qualities.

Now if I could convince my husband to see the good in our kitties…






3 Secrets to Add More Hours to Your Day

When I told someone “I’m too busy” for the thousandth time this week, I heard that wee, gentle Voice in my heart say, “Quit saying you are too busy.” Oops. I knew the Lord was trying to help me out of my time crunch pit–a place I seem to fall into way too often. 

You too? Okay, let’s work together on overcoming those nasty time-stealers. I’d like to share 3 Secrets to Add  More Hours in Your Day. These are helps I’ve discovered over the years that work every time… when I work them. 

Three Easy Secrets

1. Start the day with prayer. When we put God first, He makes sure we get everything done that needs to be done. Notice I didn’t say “everything we want to do.” Sometimes I have lists of items He never told me to do. I have to be careful that I seek Him, or I bite off more than I can handle, then wig out when I feel pressured to do it all. 

2. Identify your challenging areas that trip you up most often and waste your time. These could be watching too much TV, overly-long phone conversations, or hours on social media sites. None of these are wrong; they might be eating more time than we realize, though, leaving us with not enough to do what really matters in our lives. 

3. Ask for help. It’s okay to hire someone to clean your house, bathe your dog, wash your car. If you have kids at home, they can help with chores and cooking, even run errands once they start driving. We do our families a disservice when we try to be supermom or super-dad and do it all. When we work as a team, things get done faster. Then we can concentrate on relationships more. 

Ive got a secret

Do What Works

I know, I know. These aren’t really secrets. But they work. Try them and see if you don’t have more hours in your day. Then let me know if you have other ways to get out of the time crunch pit we all seem to put ourselves into from time to time. 

What is your favorite way to save time at your house/workplace?

3 Ways to Believe Good Can Come from Bad

sad crying broken heartThis morning a sweet friend and member of our church suddenly passed away. Kevin was called to their home at 5:15 a.m. He followed the ambulance to the E.R. After 45 minutes of trying to bring our friend back, they told her husband she was gone. Sigh. 


It’s part of being a pastor, being there for people when they hurt. Sometimes we have no answers. We simply say “I love you and I’m here for you.” Then we pray and trust that in time, God will somehow bring hope to their hurting hearts.

Four hours after returning home, Kev received some news from his doctor that rocked our world: he has pre-diabetes. I’m thankful they caught it early, but still. He will need to make some lifestyle changes that won’t be comfortable–for either of us.

All this just a few days before he flies to the West Coast to star as Jesus in a Passion Play.

Hope curtains

How can we hope anything this bad will turn out good? 3 Ways:

  1. The God we love and follow is good. Although we don’t believe everything we experience comes from God, we trust that He will redeem everything life–or the devil–tosses our way, into a plan to help us grow (See 1 Peter 1:7).
  2. We see how God has rescued us from every trial in the past. Rehearsing those miracles helps us trust Him for our future. Nothing can separate us from His love (See Romans 8:39).
  3. We can always find someone hurting more than we are. Visit a nursing home or the children’s wing in a hospital. Listen to the news for two minutes. No matter what we’re going through, someone, somewhere is experiencing a worse predicament than we are. We don’t rejoice in this. But it helps us gain perspective.

Are you going through a rough patch? If so, I’d like to pray for you.

Please leave a lady.praying.DanielRechecomment here. I will ask the good Father to bring good from your bad.

Heres Splashing hope on you Jeanette signature

Does God Still Work Miracles?

miracles happen every day

This summer we saw proof that God still works miracles when our daughter and her three kids moved from the Kansas City area to our hometown of Paris, IL.  I had prayed for over sixteen years we could be within a 90-minute drive of each other. God did above and beyond what I asked. They now live within a ten-minute drive!

Are you hoping and praying for something that seems impossible? Please write in the comment section of this post how I may join my faith with yours. Together we will prove–again–that God still works miracles!

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Trading Places or Problems?

“Would you like to trade places with Sandra?”

I knew that Voice. Had heard it many times, deep in my heart where secrets hid from everyone but Him. This time, it was a wish that I could make money as quick and deftly as my friend, Sandra did. And the Lord was not buying it as an excuse for jealousy.

I thought of Sandra, nearing forty and still unmarried. Although she lived in a lovely home, she had few friends due to her bossy nature, and her family was 12 states away.

Never Mind

I reconsidered my longing to be like her.

“I’m sorry, Lord. I really don’t want Sandra’s life. I’ll keep my own, thank you. But could you please give us a raise, or help us find other ways to make ends meet on our dinky pastor’s salary?”

“That’s better, honey. Of course, I’ll help you. All you had to do was ask. I have plenty to go around for all My kids.”

Sufficient Grace

That little conversation between God and me was many years ago. At times, I am still tempted to think someone else has fewer problems or an easier life than I do do. Then He reminds me that I don’t want to trade places and problems with anyone else.

His grace is sufficient for me, where I’m at today. And He has plenty to go around for all His kids.
Even YOU.

Are you ever tempted ask to trade with someone for their seemingly problem-free life?