Your Favorite Christmas Gift?

What was your favorite Christmas gift as a child?

I was eight the year Easy Bake Ovens hit the stores. My mom, a single parent, could not afford a gift of that size. When I spotted a huge gift under my aunt and uncle’s Christmas tree with my name on it, my heart thrilled with hope.

image by fatherly
Image by fatherly

Do you think I got my wish? Could this be why, fifty-some years later, I still love to bake?

Your turn . . . 

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2 thoughts on “Your Favorite Christmas Gift?

  1. The best Christmas present I ever received was a desk. I consider it the best because I still have it. It sits in my husband’s “man cave.” if I could guess how long I have had it, I would have to say around 60 years. It’s not pretty but I have some Max Lucado books stored in it. If I were to try to get them out, the desk would break apart, Husband fell against it once and got it out of alignment.


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