How are “Ouch!” & “Thank You” Related?

Ouch free image  “Ouch!” and “Thank you” are rarely used in the same sentence, unless we’re receiving an immunization or a chiropractic adjustment. But I recently discovered how “ouch” and “Thank you”
are related. 

A few years ago in a brave moment I asked the Lord to show me places in my life that needed to change. Almost immediately, I wanted to tell God, “Just forget it!” But he remembered. And he started showing me things like:

  • Pride (Isn’t this life all about me?)
  • Selfishness (I want what I want when I want it)
  • Gluttony (Not always food, but shopping, TV, talking)

And many other ugly elements of my soul that made me say “Ouch!” But as I’ve prayed, wept over my sins, repented (again and again, sometimes daily), I’ve reached the place where I can finally say “Thank You!”

thank you kid with bow tie

Thank you, Lord, for:

  • Helping me see where I need to change
  • Giving me the power to say “NO” to old habits
  • Providing me with the grace to start fresh every day and develop new habits.

One of the best, most hopeful things about being “In Christ” is the freed from from having to sin. Because Jesus gives us his Holy Spirit, we have the same power Jesus had to say, “Get behind me, Satan!” I love that. 

Even on days when I see ugly places in my heart that are far from perfect, I can also say Hope“Thank You.” Because the same God who shines his light of gentle conviction also pulls me up with his mighty hand, enabling me to stand tall and victorious.

Have you experienced an “Ouch/Thank you!” moment recently?

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