3 Secrets to Add More Hours to Your Day

When I told someone “I’m too busy” for the thousandth time this week, I heard that wee, gentle Voice in my heart say, “Quit saying you are too busy.” Oops. I knew the Lord was trying to help me out of my time crunch pit–a place I seem to fall into way too often. 

You too? Okay, let’s work together on overcoming those nasty time-stealers. I’d like to share 3 Secrets to Add  More Hours in Your Day. These are helps I’ve discovered over the years that work every time… when I work them. 

Three Easy Secrets

1. Start the day with prayer. When we put God first, He makes sure we get everything done that needs to be done. Notice I didn’t say “everything we want to do.” Sometimes I have lists of items He never told me to do. I have to be careful that I seek Him, or I bite off more than I can handle, then wig out when I feel pressured to do it all. 

2. Identify your challenging areas that trip you up most often and waste your time. These could be watching too much TV, overly-long phone conversations, or hours on social media sites. None of these are wrong; they might be eating more time than we realize, though, leaving us with not enough to do what really matters in our lives. 

3. Ask for help. It’s okay to hire someone to clean your house, bathe your dog, wash your car. If you have kids at home, they can help with chores and cooking, even run errands once they start driving. We do our families a disservice when we try to be supermom or super-dad and do it all. When we work as a team, things get done faster. Then we can concentrate on relationships more. 

Ive got a secret

Do What Works

I know, I know. These aren’t really secrets. But they work. Try them and see if you don’t have more hours in your day. Then let me know if you have other ways to get out of the time crunch pit we all seem to put ourselves into from time to time. 

What is your favorite way to save time at your house/workplace?

2 thoughts on “3 Secrets to Add More Hours to Your Day

  1. Hi Jen, cool new layout!
    My favorite way to save time is to sit down with my journal and talk with the Holy Spirit, especially when I am really busy and do not know where to start or how to set priorities. I take a time-out with Him.


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